introducing new dishes...

Have you tried our new dishes yet?  they are fresh and delicious like everything else we serve.

Want something healthy?  Try our SSAM tacos, served wrapped in lettuce.  

Want something sweet? How about our delicious nutella & banana quesadilla?  

Want something fun?  Check out our colorful rainbow quesadilla.  

small bites, big flavours

Have you tried our pinch of tacos?  they are smaller than our regular ones, but equally delicious. If you haven't tried out tacos yet, this is a great way to try different flavours all at once.  Come check them out.  They are only $2.95 each.

happy thanksgiving!

we are now serving delicious nachos.  Have you tried tacoreano specialty nachos?  sweet and savory korean beef goes great with cheese and tortilla chips.  yumm.... come share our great nachos and cold mexican beer with your friends and family.


don't forget our desserts!

We are not just about great fusion tacos.  We have some amazing desserts.  Have you tried our strawberry and brie tacos?  So fresh and so delicious.  How about our decadent brownies with a kick (with habanero caramel sauce)?  Our table is always ready to satisfy your sweet tooth.



For a limited time,

HAPPY HOUR is here.

We know some times, it is between lunch and dinner and you want something delicious to give you that little bit of energy to finish off a long day.  Well,... Come & try our amazing tacos. 

From 3PM till 5PM, get two great tacos for $8.50.

They will kick your end of the day blues away....

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our tacos are bigger!

Our tacos are now bigger with the same great taste.  Get more for your buck, especially for those of us that are hungry! Come check it out.

opening march 26th

we are so excited to open our little restaurant on march 26th.  come join us for some amazing tacos.  bring your friends (or family).  after all, it is the easter weekend, time to share good meals and great conversations.